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Concept based around left over energy.
Recorded in the Rabbit Hole, Winter 2015.


released August 12, 2016

Produced and Mixed by Ross Auger
Saxophone samples on Equal Provided by Chris Firkus
Vocals and lyrics on Fresh Squeezed and Without a Pillow by MonopoleJoe
Saxophone on Without a Pillow by Hugo Lee
Artwork by Guedda HM
Mastered by Jordan Skophammer



all rights reserved


Wet Eyes Minneapolis, Minnesota

is a studio project with Ross Auger at the drivers seat.

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Track Name: Finding Dirt
Two bare hands
One shovel
Most days spent this way
Just digging
Digging in a whole that doesn't prove
deeper yet here I am
Just digging

Feel this dirt
How I am
Supposedly secretly
Figure your take
and leave it be
This dirt this dirt this dirt this dirt...

Here it is I'm lost
I would ask
If if it's what they wanted
But those ears are hollow
Hollow for this dirt
Is this what the work gets

Each lift worth any weight (Hollow for this dirt)
Each lift worth any weight (Hollow for this dirt)
By your standard (By your standard)
By your standard (By your standard)
Track Name: Fresh Squeezed
Verse 1

(I’m open, I’m focused, I’m hopin’ you knowin’),
I’m chosen, the dope spittage from penmanship.
Straight living’ in a life full of turbulance,
Security similar to insecurity worthlessness.
(Workin’, as a merchant, or workin’ wit' no purpose),
is hard to swallow, cinnamon is more
(Perfect, be complacent, is jaded, I hate it),
If there’s a creator of this I would chase them
(Cause face it), We live in a, (nation that's constantly changing),
It ain’t slowing down to stick to the basic we must
(Awaken, cause ain’t it, a shame that we’re slavin’),
For little payments all going to rent.
Paying these bills like a destiny child’s song,
I just feel like it’s more to live than just living’ for money dog.
All this practicality, traditionalistic decisions is settlement’s middle name, faulty civilizational aims.

All I’m say is expand when it counts, I’m I’m saying is expand when it counts, we break down like that!

Verse 2

(The ceiling, is filled with, a billion, of different),
Ideas for the world just use your
(Intuition, big picture, a mixture, of inserts)
and invention to help this observable
(Universe, you can work, through the hurt, new birth),
to the first thirst from the innovators
(Who lurks) who say forget a chair, we gotta build a better worth like flying up in the air. Our Red Giants’ gonna be unbearable, for the sake of the human race space has the variables.
(The Milky Way, Galaxy will fade, someday),
We just gotta prepare for it in some way.
(The arrangement, can taste it, the brain is amazing’)
Just use it for knowledge to create
(The nameless, I’m saying’, that if you are complacent),
It’s the downfall of creation.
All I’m say is expand when it counts, I’m I’m saying is expand when it counts, we break down like that!

Verse 3

Embrace change, it’s part of our DNA, sticking to conventional ways brings knowledge when the old is gray.
Irrelevant to the first time new task, push out this new method just it’s a craft.
We all have it, no need to cause havoc, we should work as a team and make dreams happen.
I truly believe that all of the world’s mysteries could be solved if we evolved in these industries.
All I’m say is expand when it counts, I’m I’m saying is expand when it counts, we break down like that!
Track Name: One Bolt
(One bolt) Do you really think it just takes
(One bolt) I eat one of those pre-breakfast
(One bolt) It never is just one, you know
(One bolt) sometimes it just takes

These days it takes 120 just to get a free throw
Can you even stand up with that pace
Can you even stand up
with just one of those
Is there something I'm missing from mine

Should have followed your lead
Transferred in my shares
Nah, I'm okay
But I wouldn't mind your dance
Could you just get a little closer
If not, I'll take a rain check on that picture

One bolt

I'll stand up
You sit down
We both might just stand up
We both might just sit down
We don't even have to be on the same page
It doesn't even have to look the same
You feel that
You feel my frequency
Might just want to get a little bit closer

One bolt
Track Name: In the Doldrums
Sometimes it can get dim in here
And sometimes a light pulls through
There's board games and croquet
In other words just enough to do
If you sit just right it's comfy
Doze off to give yourself a few
There's food for it
Nothing fancy or elaborate
depending on your point of view

Opportunities for conversation just swim by
Nearside close enough to take a queue
You could get lost
there's no map
but directionally your gut pulls through
Easiest way back is just to snap out of it
Just to snap out of it

I don't mind
I don't mind
Being in here
Things could be worse
Things could definitely be worse

Do you feel it's getting pretty dark in here
Do you think the grass could be greener
Do you think mine could be there someday
What's with all these questions who's asking
Do I even want to know

It's alright in here
I'll stay here
I don't mind it here
Track Name: Without a Pillow
Just keep it pushing’, keep it pushin’ on, don’t ever let em get into your zone.

It’s MonoPole I finish the show like an episode without a pillow, without a pillow it’s cold.

Like this observable universe the most is something to know, negative energy takes us out of control.

Easily dope like the coke that your don’t smoke, I’m bringin’ the soul, bulldozing a full a show. Let’s dip and just go.

Highs and the many lows, we still fly and go wit the flow. It’s me

(Joe), you can’t deny these lyrics and quotes I learned from both coastal postal rich folks.

to people not having soap, the balance while having a toast, we have a challenge let’s keep it afloat.

Bro, joe, it’s kinda tragic how people don’t vote, I feel sadder for people that don’t know the role.

Antidote, Antidote for corruption, it’s strong, It’s our gateway to getting along.

In harmony while singing a song, living in righteousness what’s wrong, we got our chew toys, the life of kongs.

Gong, we be so raw, Wet Eyes wit the surprise without breaking the law.

It’s like something you saw, I’m just opening jaw, D.A.W. Daw, musically without a flaw. (Musically without a flaw, Musically without a flaw)